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Win a thing!

Elo Everybody (and lets face it, if you’re signing up for this shit I’m most likely related to you or have known you or conned you in face to face to do this), I’m about to put a shedload of money into this crazy adventure and I need your help to decide on a few things. I’d like to know what you need so that I can mod it, make it, build it and provide it to you.

Rather than “think I know” what looks good and works well. I want you to tell me. For a taste of the proposed range have a look at a little video I made:

A sample of the WoS range

So here are some questions. Winner drawn Dec 23 2018 and gets a simple but incredibly durable and good looking charge cable, an LED light, a USB torch kit and a maybe a Mi Band 3 Smart Watch (the heroine of the show) but only if you want to give it a test and tell me what you think. You’ll also be subscribed to our mailing list.  So lets get cracking!