The Story

After a shitty divorce that left me almost at the beginning again, I found myself riddled with a pancreas with a level of crossness that left me near death.

I am getting better now. One of the reasons for “better” is that I am slowly and gingerly getting to a level of fitness having never been fit or thought about it much before in my head. I found a thing called a Mi Band 3 in a search for a decent “thing” that would count my steps and my heart and started seeing and feeling myself get into a state of betterness not bitterness, day by day. Step by step. Step by step.

In a typical Eat, Pray, love type experience with a nerdy twist I shook myself up and went to my version of Mecca:  Shenzhen in China. 

Me in the SEG market in China!
REMAX at SEG market in Futian

This joint is known as the “Silicon Valley” of China and I was there to really crank my nerd on again. It was challenging turning 44, alone and single woman who spoke next to bugger all Chinese. It included a lot of “doing and making” geek things, buying geek things, being rectally searched and spending my 44th Birthday completely alone, buying a lot of cake and giving it way on the street to strangers.

This guy didn't want any of my cake! Fair enough.
This guy didn’t want a bar of my little cake (see top of bin)

I decided to be a better version of me. This is a video that a friend sent me. I’m going to be joining the Women of Steele geeky style. 

I loved it all. Cept the rectal searches. 

Much as the act of giving the cake, Shenzhen left me with many gifts. Things I want to share, money I want to make and give to those in need.  Things I hope will be useful and meaningful to people.