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She Starts – A startup talk in Adelaide about women founders

I was privileged to host an event at Base64 last week, speaking with 3 excellent women speakers who have all been instrumental in building their own startup businesses.

We talked for way too long, shared some canapes and some amazing sparkling wine stuff from the good women of Sparkke. It was one of those last minute events you pull together by the skin of your bones where you end up sitting in a circle with a bunch of inspiring humans from all walks of life who all have a particular gaze and thought about a new business idea. And then … do something about it.

Lauren from

Kari from

Heidi from

All spoke about their distinctly different worlds of shark liver storage, hacked SoC’s in wearables worlds, Heidi’s new role as a national Women of Wearables ambassador and ethical craft brewing. Here are some snaps.