The WoS Keyspan


It’s the little things that count.

This tool fits snugly on your keyring and can literally travel everywhere you do. Sitting flat in your pocket or bag, connected to your keychain your fingertips will have immediate and ongoing access to a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, a bottle opener and a small saw.

Need to pry something open?
Need to slice something quickly?
Need to change a battery on the run?

Weighing in at slightly less than 4 grams, this tool is an invaluable addition to your keyring and your life!

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Product Name WoS Keyspan multi key
Product Description Chuck this onto your keyring and let yourself unhook, unscrew some stuff.
Weight 4 gms
Colour Steele of course!
Warranty 12 Months
Specs Mini phillips head screw driver, bottle opener, knife, saw
Name Product Dimensions
Weight 4gms
Length 50mm
Height 4gms
Width 9mm
Depth 2mms
Length 50mm

Additional information

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 3 × 9 × 66 mm